Meet the Collarmele Partners.

David Neuman


Paula Pieroni


Collarmele Partners brings more than 100 years of combined industry experience to every engagement. Our knowledge and insights are born of real world scenarios and decades of on-the-job training. For our partners, it’s the difference between solving problems and avoiding them all together. We are passionate about this business and eager to bring new ideas and insights that shape the consumer experience and the commercial real estate industry.

We develop properties that impact consumer behavior.

In the early to mid- ‘80s, consumers began re-thinking how and where they shop. Instead of relying on cars or mass transit to connect errands and activities, the shopping mall boom took hold. By the mid- ‘90s, the concept of “Lifestyle Centers” emerged – offering opportunities to work, shop, live and play all in a single destination.

Today’s consumers prefer mixed-use developments that are rich with retail, entertainment and lifestyle experiences. At Collarmele Partners, we have built a company with the expertise to deliver.